how to get rid of excess belly fat

how to get rid of excess belly fat?
wonder why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet then these 5 tips will help you lose weight and belly fat.Click the link to get $30 off on your colon broom 3/6 month supply Promo code: BLUSHWITHME

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Not losing fat? If you have made some mistakes in your fitness journey and noticed that it was hard for you to lose body fat even after working out or trying different diet. then follow these five tips. Exercise is just one way of losing weight. There are multiple healthy lifestyle habits that are easy to include so you can lose weight fast and feel motivated as you see your belly fat reducing naturally. You do not have to starve. These five healthy lifestyle habits are a way to get rid of body toxins and body fat. You will also notice the loss of lower belly fat in females in 1 week. You will feel more energetic, rested and less bloated. Your stomach will look flatter as your body learns to eat less calories. I have included these home remedies that are inspired by Ayurveda lifestyle that I follow personally. These help me keep my metabolism up and speeds up weight loss. I would highly recommend you try oil pulling to remove toxins from your body. Include more warm water instead of drinking cold water, reduce the consumption of salt, chew and swallow your food in a way where you don't swallow air and an amazing fun fact that will help you sleep more because when you sleep more you automatically eat lesser calories.

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00:00- 01:31 INTRO to losing belly fat without exercising
01:44- 03:37 Tip 1.) oil pulling to remove toxins
03:38- 04:40 Tip2.) squat and drink water
05:22- 09:00 Colon broom for digestive health
09:01- 10:10 Tip 3.) salt consumption (8:50)
10:11- 11:10 Tip 4.) stop swallowing Air
11:11- 12:19 Tip 5.) Sleeping more= eating less calories
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how to get rid of belly fat
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