how to get rid of hard belly fat

how to get rid of hard belly fat?
Hello lav's! I have been experiencing bloating these past few weeks as seen on the thumbnail photo (maybe because i'm cheating a lot on my diet these past few weeks!lol!stress eating is real!) so I've decided to watch out again my eating habits in which i tried a new diet routine and i think it was really effective that's why i'm sharing this to you (cause i love you momma's!)

Just wanted to share with you this 3 day diet because it really amazed me! i really lost weight just in 3 days! TAKE NOTE this isn't a full egg diet as i also added some oatmeal to have some varieties also (ADDED SOME CHEAT MEALS ON THE LAST DAY TOO!LOL!) but i guess the 2 eggs in the morning was really helpful! i feel full for a longer time and my cravings wasn't like before! maybe the egg helped a lot to cut out my cravings ! I didn't eat any other than what was showed in the video!


Hope you enjoy watching this video lav's!


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how to get rid of belly fat
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