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Intermittent Fasting can help you burn fat faster if it fits well with your lifestyle, preferences, and daily routine. Discover the 5 ways that you can lose weight, overall body fat, and belly fat faster by incorporating a fasting protocol.

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Fasting, many people look at it as a very restrictive, challenging, and miserable way to burn fat. but the truth is that intermittent fasting can be used to burn fat faster and keep it off for longer than most other diet plans if it fits well with you, your body, and your preferences. and One of the number one areas that both men and women want to see a reduction in fat is from around the belly and the midsection.. and even though a large systematic review showed that you can lose 4 to 7 percent of your abdominal fat in just 6 to 24 weeks with intermittent fasting (1) the rules of fat loss do not change regardless of what kind of diet plan you're on. Just like any other diet intermittent fasting won't allow us to spot reduce and burn fat from only one area, but it can highly help many people reduce their overall body fat and lose inches off their waists faster than the traditional calorie restriction approach for 5 key reasons. Starting first with the unique effect that fasting has on your hormones. There are actually multiple hormones that will be affected when you fast and one of the most important for fat loss is insulin. Whenever we eat insulin levels rise and when we fast insulin levels drop significantly. In fact not eating is by far the best and the fastest way to lower your insulin levels. And lowering insulin is important because insulin plays a big role in converting the energy that we get from food into fat. When your insulin levels are elevated not only will you be more likely to store fat but it'll literally prevent your body from breaking down previously-stored fat for energy. And the exact opposite is also true when your insulin levels drop your body releases a hormone known as glucagon which breaks down stored fat and converts it to useable energy in the form of glucose. Other than insulin another very important hormone is leptin which is a hormone that controls appetite by letting you know when you're full. It's produced by your fat cells so people with high amounts of body fat actually have higher amounts of leptin circulating through their body letting them know that they're full and that they should stop eating. However, the problem is that many people that are overweight develop a sort of tolerance to leptin known as leptin resistance which prevents their brain from receiving the signal that they're full, ultimately making it very hard for them to burn fat. But the good news is intermittent fasting has been shown to be very beneficial for improving leptin resistance. Contrary to the belief that you'll get hungrier the longer that you fast, Intermittent fasting has actually been shown to decrease ghrelin levels over time, and ghrelin is your hunger hormone, so decreasing hunger can definitely be advantageous for fat loss. Finally, one other important hormone known as HGH will shoot way up while you fast. Human growth hormone can be particularly helpful with burning fat and maintaining muscle during a fast. This is most likely the reason why muscle loss is really not an issue like many people previously thought it was when fasting for lengths of time under 48 to 72 hours long. In general, all of these hormonal changes prime your body for fat loss. Now the second way that intermittent fasting can help certain individuals burn fat faster then they would with regular continuous calorie restriction is because it reduces the number of calories that you eat on a daily basis without reducing the size fullness and quality of your meals. When you're eating 5 or 6 times a day and you're trying to stay in a calorie deficit to burn fat your meals wind up being tiny. This could lead to a very unsatisfying experience every time you eat. If your meals start looking like one brown rice cake with half a tablespoon of peanut butter and only 3 almonds it's easy to see how eating can quickly become more of a chore with no satisfaction rather than something that you actually enjoy. If you hate your diet you're not going to stick to it and it doesn't matter how good the diet looks on paper if you don't stick to it you're not going to lose any inches off your waist. This is where intermittent fasting presents Advantage for many people. By only eating once or twice a day you can have much larger and more filling meals that leave you satisfied.
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